Carbon Steels

Size Range mm (diameter-width) 270-750 250-650 500-1000 C8 (SAE 1008) C10 (SAE 1010)
Size Range mm Thickness 250-650 50-100 C40CK40 (SAE 1040) C22 (SAE 020)1025
Length mm 4,5 – 8 C30 C30E CK30 SAE1030
Production Norm EN 10250 EN 10250 EN 10250 C35 C35E CK35 (SAE 1035)
EN 10221 Surface Crack Test Cannot be done Cannot be done Cannot be done C45C45ECK45C45R (SAE 1045)
EN 10308 Ultrasonic Crack Test Cannot be done Cannot be done Makes Makes C50 C50E CK50 C50R Cf53 (SAE 1050)
C60 C60E CK60 (SAE 1060)
C70 C70E CK70 (SAE 1070)
  • Blue: Available in our Regular Stocks
  • Navy Blue: Made to Order
  • Grey: Cannot be produced
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Carbon Steels

Carbon Steels are iron carbon alloys that contain elements from steel production methods such as manganese, silicon, sulfur and phosphorus in their structures. They are also known as manufacturing steels because they are used in the construction and manufacturing sectors.

The increase in the amount of carbon has an adverse effect on the water absorption ability and welding ability of the steel.

Low Carbon Steels: Steels containing up to 0.20% carbon can be included in this group. They are also known as mild steels, taking into account their mechanical properties. It can be used in bolt, nut, reconditionable machine parts manufacturing, automotive, white goods, construction and construction sectors.

Medium Carbon Steels: Steels in this group contain between 0.20-0.60% carbon. The major characteristics of the steels in this group are that they can be sufficiently hardened by heat treatment. It is used in the construction of tools such as machine, bolt, nut, axle, ship shaft, propeller shaft, gear wheel, transmission shaft, milled shaft, load hook, lever arm, rail, digging, shovel.
High Carbon Steels: Steels containing more than 0.60% carbon. They gain high hardness thanks to their hardening by heat treatment. It is used in the construction of tools such as shaft, shaft, bolt, nut, spiral and leaf springs, scissors, cutter simple tools, punch, bucket gear, grader knife, high-strength machine parts, file, cutter, wood saw.


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