Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy

In our management system that we review the effectiveness and continuously improve;

An approach that makes a point of satisfying customer needs and expectations and continuously supports the knowledge and skills of our employees with trainings is adopted.

To realize our products and services with the understanding that creates a safe working environment for our employees and visitors, shows maximum care for the environment and natural resources, manufactures with sustainable high quality standards and aims for unconditional customer satisfaction, keeps both customer and employee satisfaction at the highest level with our quality certificates.

In ever-changing and evolving market conditions to follow the technology, to comply with our current quality management system and to ensure that this system is continuously improved and improved together with all our stakeholders.

It is our main quality policy to put emphasis on to ethical values, to consider the elements of environmental and occupational safety, to ensure a safe working environment by constantly evaluating risks and keeping risks under control, and to implement “”TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT”” by prioritizing community and human interests.