Free Cutting Steels

Size Range mm (diameter-width) 30-82 27-82 1SMnPb30 – (9SMnPb28) (SAE 12L13) 11SMnPb37 – (9SMnPb36) (SAE 12L14)
Size Range mm Thickness 11SMn30 – (9SMn28) (SAE 1213) 11SMn37 – (9SMn36) (SAE1215)
Length mm 5,5-12 5,5-12 35S20
Production Norm EN10066 EN10061 10S20
EN 10221 Surface Crack Test İsteğe Bağlı İsteğe Bağlı
EN 10308 Ultrasonic Crack Test Optional Optional
  • Blue: Available in our Regular Stocks
  • Navy Blue: Made to Order
  • Grey: Cannot be produced
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Free Cutting Steels

Free-cutting steels are unalloyed steels containing a high proportion of Sulfur (S) and Manganese (Mn), and due to the small and brittle chip formation thanks to Manganese and Sulfur, they allow fast operation in production. Due to the easy machinability feature they have, they are defined as steel, which has the most suitable machinability feature for longitudinal and forehead turning, threading, drilling, reaming, etc. machining operations performed on single or multi-spindle, rovelver and lathe benches.

Cutting speeds can be increased by adding Lead (Pb) to these steels. Free-cutting steels are divided into three groups as those that are heat treated, those that are not heat treated and those that are cemented.

Free-cutting steels are used as cold drawn with precise dimensional tolerances. Surface sensitivity h9 is produced within the tolerances of h11. It is mainly used in the automotive, white goods and machining sectors.


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