Project Sales

It is an option that offers the consumer a sustainable quality advantage.
Detailed work is carried out for OEM companies (APQP Team) and the products are analyzed with a collaborative logic. Subsequently, the manufacturability of the sample process part is prepared for the sample in PPAP files and presented to our customers with the sample. In sample and mass production processes, our responsible engineers are in constant communication with the relevant persons in line with customer demands and needs. Thus, a problem-free product is produced and sustainable product supply is realized.
Orders produced according to the product specification or special request, (with the philosophy of just in time) to be delivered in the amount requested by our customer in the periods requested by us.
Order quantity is taken as minimum 1 casting.
(The amount of casting varies according to the manufacturer.)
The order date is min.4 weeks to max.16 weeks before the delivery date according to the location of the manufacturer and the characteristics of the product.
They are generally the applications preferred by companies manufacturing predictive and planned automotive spare parts that produce materials such as OEM-OES.

Campaign Sales

It is an option that offers a price advantage to the consumer.
They are orders received before the product is produced. Order quantity min (2.5 tons) 1 package order is accepted. After the product is produced, the entire order is shipped directly to the customer. Machining or Hot Forging, which generally uses high tonnage of single section material, is an option preferred by manufacturers and our Regional Steel Merchant partners.

Free Stock Sales

It is an option that offers the consumer flexible working
and stock cost advantages. It is the option where our stakeholders can buy any size and amount they want.
Under appropriate conditions, orders can be received and delivered even on the same day.
It is an option preferred by all our stakeholders.